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Welcome to the Rabbit Shed Shop
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Kanji うさぎ小屋本舗へようこそ, です
Romaji Usagi Koya Honpo e Youkoso, Desu
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Episode Number 1
Air Date January 7, 2019
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Welcome to the Rabbit Shed Shop (うさぎ小屋本舗へようこそ, です Usagi Koya Honpo e Youkoso, Desu?) is the first episode of the Pastel Memories anime.

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In the year 20XX, where manga and anime culture has all but disappeared from Akihabara, Izumi Asagi and her fellow members of the Rabbit Shed Shop café take on a customer's request to assemble the complete set of volumes to the manga they based their store on, Welcome to the Rabbit Café. Before the set can be complete, however, the girls discover the manga has become infected with a virus that will cause it to eventually disappear from everyone's memories. In order to prevent that, Izumi, along with Ayaka Sakaki and Irina Leskova and their mascot Nejiusa, venture into the world of Welcome to the Rabbit Café in order to exterminate the virus.

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