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Pastel Memories (ぱすてるメモリーズ, Pasuteru Memorīzu) is a Anime adaption by Project No.9 of the Mobile Game of the same name. The anime aired the first episode on January 7th, 2019.

Asami Imai is performing the series' opening theme, "Believe in Sky," and Iketeru Hearts is performing the series' ending theme, "Sparkle☆Power." The series is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. The series will air for 12 episodes.

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In the year 20XX, manga and anime culture disappearing from Akihabara. This is the result of a malicious that infects the world of various manga and destroys them, along with anyone's memories of them. Standing against this are the members of the Rabbit Shed Shop café, who possess the ability to travel into the worlds of each manga in order to stop the virus.

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No. Title Original Airdate
Episode 1 "Welcome To The Rabbit Shed Shop"
"Usagi koya honpo e yōkoso, desu"
January 7, 2019
Episode 2 "What to say to "May I Take Your Order?"
"Gochūmon wa? To iwa rete mo……"
January 14, 2019
Episode 3 "Rose-colored Maiden"
"Barairo no Otome, na no"

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